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UI UNICORN - web design Bolton

Steakhouse is a takeaway local to Bolton that offer a wide range of food including the northwest's hottest burger - the fury burger. For this website we had complete creative freedom so we decided to create a 3D bull that when clicked would open up the information and pages for the pages we decided to go for a parallax effect on some of the images to create a layered effect.

Company: Steakhouse Co

Requirements: Web design, Video, Graphics, Webgl/3D

Type: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, 3D Webgl

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Devil in the Detail

What the website has to offer:

Interactive 3D

This website has a 3D bull with no textures applied because we decided to go with a material base color instead so the model would blend into the background color and create a 3 toned color style we also incorporated the companies logo into the scene making it a near white color so it would stand out.


On the information/content page we decided to apply a parallax effect to the images and placed them on different layers (that's z-index to more code savy people) to create a layered/3D feel and if you scroll down on the site you will notice the images moving at different speeds that adds to the effect.

You came you saw!

View the live project below and if you like what you see why not share this project or if you have any questions about this website and it's features please feel free to contact us.

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