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Old Portfolio

UI UNICORN - web design Bolton

This website is our old portfolio that has won many awards and site of day awards and is recognized at by the international design community as a site that is at the forefront of web design because of it's uniqueness.


Requirements: Web design, Video, Graphics, Webgl/3D, Parallax

Type: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, 3D Webgl, Fullpage.js

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Devil in the Detail

What the website has to offer:

2D Webgl

On our website we have a glitch effect that plays every couple of seconds to add the darkness of the website and distorts the page it is small and subtle effect that isn't to overpowering.


Our main base is a full page parallax design powered by fullpage.js which is a giant slider where people can access our different pages we also applied custom bezier curves to the slider boxes to make the scrolling transitions more aesthetically pleasing.


For our sliders we have a boxed video for each slide we wanted a dark and weird design for our website so we decided to go with heads that morph and do weird things this really helps us to engage the user and to get them to keep scrolling to see what else is next in terms of weirdness.

You came you saw!

View the live project below and if you like what you see why not share this project or if you have any questions about this website and it's features please feel free to contact us.

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