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UI UNICORN - web design Bolton

Fragoria the game by Datcroft Inc boasts 6.3 million registered accounts with a huge player base in mostly Europe and Russia. For this project we were put in charge of re-designing their website along with creating composites of their game art work.

Company: Datcroft Inc

Requirements: Web design, Video, Graphics

Type: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Interactive 2D

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Devil in the Detail

What the website has to offer:

Interactive 2D map

The site boasts a beautiful landscape of fragotown which is a city in the actual game. Visitors to the site can see the unique game design and style without having to make an install.

Cinematic Video

On the website on the enter page we decided to add fragoria's cinematic video trailer to add to the atmosphere and to get people visual interested into exploring more of the website and the game itself.


For the artwork on the website we had to add finishing touches and composites to the existing concept art to fully bring out the style and detail of the game and because a website without pictures is rather boring.

You came you saw!

View the live project below and if you like what you see why not share this project or if you have any questions about this website and it's features please feel free to contact us.

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