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UI UNICORN - web design Bolton

This is our newest old portfolio the site before this site was upgraded, this website has also won many awards and has international recognition from different award sites and designer communities.


Requirements: Web design, Sound, Graphics, Webgl/3D

Type: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, 3D Webgl

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Devil in the Detail

What the website has to offer:

Interactive 3D

This website is fully 3D including the button clicks in the scene the part of this site that isn't in 3D space is the information pages to make the objects in the scene clickable and respond to mouse hovers we had to also mimic the users mouse position and translated it into the scene and into the 3d scene.


Along with 3d clicks and mouse overs we also added sound when the mouse hovers over objects to add to the creepy background music that plays we used howler to achieve these sound effects.

You came you saw!

View the live project below and if you like what you see why not share this project or if you have any questions about this website and it's features please feel free to contact us.

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